What offers you

What offers you

The websites are designed in wordpress and are provided on a timeshare leasing basis. That is, for as long as you pay your subscription. Automatic upgrades are provided, hosting is included, free SSL and backup so you never lose data. H websites are not transferred and only work in the environment.

Ready Visual themes

The colours in the ready-made web themes cannot be changed.
Choose the website with the ready-made theme that matches your corporate colors.
It is not necessary to choose the ready-made theme template of your profession. If you like another theme template. choose it and change its contents.

Add Content

Replace existing texts with your own texts. Ideally follow the same amount of texts as the existing texts in setting up each ready-made theme for perfect results.

Change Photos

Put your own photos in place of the photos that already exist in the ready-made website theme you choose.
We'll give you instructions on how to enhance the photos for a perfect look.

Internal Pages

The number of modules in each ready-made website theme is five and is definitive. No more modules can be added. However, you can add articles without limitation in the "Articles" section that each ready-made theme offers.

Domain Name

If you already have a domain name .gr .com etc., we will link it to your website. But we can also help you in choosing and registering a domain name.

Useful information

The purpose of these ready-made thematic websites is to cover a comprehensive but basic digital presentation of professional websites.
Ready-made website themes are designed and thought out to contain specific sections and content.
Changes other than inserting content and photos cannot be made to the ready-made web themes.
That's why we have different ready-made color suggestions in the ready-made themes, so you can find that website theme that suits you.
We provide support and customization upon request and at an additional cost.
See the services section.
Configuration services
Choose your own theme. It doesn't have to be for your profession, you might just like the colours.
Choose your own theme. It doesn't have to be for your profession, you might just like the colours.

How to get started

Follow these steps to get your own
professional website immediately.

Select theme

Find from our collection of web themes which theme you like.

Sign up

Click register, enter your payment details and complete the process.

Activate your website

In the client area, fill in the domain name you have. If you don't have one, we can register it for you.

You're online!

In less than 12 hours your website will be online. Follow our instructions to see how to put your own material

Don't you have time?

If you don't have time, we can complete your website. Let us add your content for only 80€ extra.

Useful information

Choose an annual subscription and get a discount!
From 15€ per month, pay from 180€ per year.
Prices include VAT.
Do you have any more questions? Send us an email or call us!
Choose your own theme
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